Strong support for HDB's Sers renewal plan: poll

Strong support for HDB's Sers renewal plan: poll

There is strong support among residents for the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers), according to the latest survey by the HDB.

Sers is part of the government's Estate Renewal Strategy for the older public housing estates.
Under Sers, the residents involved are given an opportunity to move from their old flats to newer flats without having to move out of their familiar neighbourhood - a significant factor given that almost all of the households surveyed (99 per cent) expressed a strong sense of belonging to their town/estate.

These newer flats are equipped with modern facilities and fresh 99-year leases, and are offered at subsidised prices. Financial concessions are also given to residents to further ease cash flow and facilitate relocation.
HDB conducts a biennial survey of residents who were offered Sers to gauge their level of satisfaction and support for the scheme. The survey also determines the extent that Sers has impacted their family and community ties.

The latest survey was conducted from October to December this year, covering five Sers replacement sites including Bedok South, Dover Road, Sims Drive and Upper Boon Keng Road, and Commonwealth Avenue and Margaret Drive.

Among the 628 households (across the five Sers projects) who participated in the survey, 87 per cent expressed support for Sers, 91 per cent felt that the new flat offered under Sers was value for money, and 94 per cent agreed they were given sufficient time to prepare for the move.

Sers also offered residents improved living environments that a majority of residents were satisfied with. These includes comprehensive landscaping and greenery (92 per cent), a good view from their flats (91 per cent), and a sense of privacy (86 per cent).

Sixty-six per cent of the residents saw improved accessibility to exercise areas and 59 per cent saw an improved accessibility to gardens/parks. In his latest blog entry titled "Clementi Reborn", Minister for National Development, Khaw Boon Wan, wrote about the importance of community spirits within precincts.
"Sers is not only about creating new hardware. We make a conscious effort to develop the heartware by keeping community ties strong."

The survey indicated that 96 per cent felt that their family lives remained the same or improved after Sers and more than 80 per cent felt that their community life had remained intact or improved. Minister Khaw also cited a welcome party for Casa Clementi, a Sers replacement site, where residents came together to create their precinct's very own murals.

"As we rejuvenate other towns, residents' community bonding will remain our priority so that residents will enjoy a better living environment in the modern kampong that belongs to them," he said.

Source: Business Times –20 December 2013