What Client Says


New 2 Bedroom Condo (Buyer)
I am very grateful for his service and dedication. He is very resourceful and always extend his services.

Tan C C

HDB 4 Room Flat (Seller & Buyer)
Prompt & Good Service from Kai Chen. Willing to go for the extra miles for his customer. Keep up the good work!!!

Toh H S

HDB Executive Maisonette & 5 Room Flat (Seller & Buyer)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my agent, Kai who has assisted me throughout my EM Flat sales and the purchase of 5 Room Flat.

He is a hardworking and patience agent who listens with his heart about our expectations and requests. He called and sent reminders to us for each appointment and meet-up. Most importantly, Kai has managed to sell our EM higher than the evaluation despite the low season for properties.

Many thanks to his outstanding effort and professionalism. I am glad to recommend him to my peers and any upcoming projects in future.

Mdm Lee

Resale 2 Bedroom Condo (Seller)
I write this email of commendation and appreciation for the wonderful service provided by your agent - Kai whom sold my condominium. Against a gloomy backdrop of the housing market at the time he diligently and in my opinion very professionally brought fruition to the transaction. He had the spirit of perseverance. Many Thanks!

Xu W C

New 3 Bedroom Executive Condo (Buyer)
I personally approached Kai when me and my wife decide that we wanted to get our own residence. Despite being a personal friend of mine, he displayed professionalism and eagerness to update us with the latest information for the Executive Condominium that we wanted, as it is within the same neighbourhood as my parents’ house.

Despite the long hours on the day of balloting, he stayed throughout with us and encouraged us to be hopeful despite many hours of disappointment of not having our ballot number called. And true enough, in the end, we managed to get our number called and gotten our unit. Even though it is not our 1st choice, we are glad that it is within our list of considerations.

It is not easy being 1st time homeowners and the amount of paperwork and documentation required is a lot, but thankfully, Kai is very kind to help us through every step along the way, even till the extent of going out of the way to pick up the documents.

Thank you once again to Kai and his team!

Ng Y S / C Neo

HDB Executive Maisonette (Seller)
My husband and I are very thankful to Kai for the sale of our HDB.
I was introduced to Kai via my youngest sister who sold her condominium 2 years ago. She has been impressing upon me that Kai was very professional in handling the sale of her apartment.

Thus, when we made the decision to sell our HDB, we selected him to be our exclusive agent. In actual fact, we interviewed 2 agents i.e. 1 from another agency and other is Kai (ERA).

What impressed us was that he really showed us “his sincere interest in the seller”. Instead of persuading or telling us to be realistic in our selling price (like what the other agency’s agent did), he advertised at higher price. This would mean he has to work really hard to sell our apartment because we understand that transacted history for the area for our type of dwelling is quite a lot below what he advertised.

During our 1st meeting, he went through with us the process and explained very clearly on the procedures governing the sale of HDB flat both from the seller and buyer’s perspectives. The pros and cons of having exclusive agent vis-à-vis opening to all agents. The way he presented to us was distinctly very different from the other agent.

He came together with the prospective buyers for all viewings. He was always very cool and calm after each and every viewing and told us to be patient. That’s good for us because we knew that it is in his good hand and he knows what he is doing.

There were 3 interested buyers who wanted 2nd viewing and the good news was that when we got an offer. At the same time, another prospective buyer was also interested. In this, Kai had handled the situation very well and actually got us a better price.

We have shared with our neighbours and they all agreed too that this is quite a rare good agent.

We just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to KAI for a good job done and we believe the subsequent processes i.e. 1st and 2nd appointment with HDB will be smooth going too.

We will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone whom we come across that wants to sell their place. In fact, the next in line will be my brother’s place.

J L Chua / A Tham

New 2 Bedroom Condo (Buyer)
I will like to compliment Kai for his services in my purchase of a new condo in Singapore.

Kai listens to my needs very carefully and he is very good at addressing my concerns with his well understanding of the Singapore real estate market, especially in the residential market. In addition to that, he has excellent ability to timely provide good advice and solutions. He also has a very good personality, making him approachable to have discussions with.

I received cordial, valuable and considerable services from him. I will strongly recommend Kai to my friends looking to buy a property in Singapore.

S Liao

Resale 1 Bedroom Condo (Buyer)
Kai recently helped me to purchase my new condo.

I only have nice things to say about Kai. He’s everything you’d expect from a great agent. Kai has a great attitude, very hard working, proactive, and experienced. He listened to my needs, and we were able to find my dream home during our 2nd weekend of viewings. More importantly, I always felt Kai always had my best interest in mind and he proved this with his excellent negotiating skills. I would happily recommend Kai to anyone in the market to buy a place.

Happy New Home Owner
V Lin

New 3 Bedroom Condo (Buyer)
I wanted to take a minute to thank Kai for the services he has provided me with my purchase of a new condo.

I was recommended to Kai by a friend when I just started my house hunting journey. The description given by my friend was that “Kai is a super good agent with a good heart”.

I wanted to find a place where I can call home for the long term and it also has investment value if one day I decided to leave Singapore. After doing some of my own research, I explained to him what I was looking for and he gave me additional suggestions and advice to cater to my needs. He was always very patient and always took my questions and concerns seriously.

As I am always away for business trip, time is limited to view houses. I am grateful that he is very willing to work within my schedule throughout the entire process. After given him my available schedule for house viewing, he responded quickly and eagerly, shortlisted and arranged a number of houses for me to view on the following weekend that I am available. Throughout the viewing process, he is organised, demonstrated the best honesty in his feedbacks and presentations, making sure that I knew what was best for me.

His tenacity and attention to detail made the entire process seamless and hassle-free!

I highly recommend Kai to my friends without any hesitation.

S Chan

Resale 2 Bedroom Condo (Buyer)
I bought a condo with the great professional advice and assistance from Kai recently. Overall, the entire process was smooth and pleasant, and Kai exceeded my expectation in several occasions.

Firstly, Kai was one of the few sales persons that follow up clients at the right frequency and right time. I met him in a new condo early 2015 and shared that I would not consider buying before becoming PR. And I got Kai's greeting almost right after my PR approval.

Secondly, Kai listened and understood my brief precisely. My brief was on green line within $1M. I was impressed by Kai's first quality proposal which included 2 scenarios: 600m and 1000m distance from metro, ranked by different MRT stations from west to east with mostly high quality condo targets. At the end, I bought the one from this list after a few viewings.

Finally, Kai is very hard working. Given I am busy, I usually was only able to contact late via what's app or give short notice for viewing appointment. Kai all tried his best to provide professional advice despite challenges.

I would like to recommend Kai and ERA to other friends in need.

M Li

New 1 Bedroom Condo (Buyer)
Thanks for a most sincere and wonderful property search journey.

It's been great having purchased my home through your honest service after years of hunting.

You may look young but don't worry, with perseverance you'll be successful one day. It's not the years of experience alone that makes a good person but also the truthfulness and sincerity that come with it. What you lacked will sooner or later be there in time to come, but your right attitude more than compensated for it. You were always prompt and worked hard to ensure my questions were addressed and answered. Your honesty reassured me that you were not merely trying to close a sale and to provide me with best answers, it's hard to come by agent like you nowadays.

Keep up your good effort and great attitude.

J Chua

New 1 Bedroom Condo (Buyer)
Kai 是一个专业又尽责的房屋经纪。


M W Soon


Resale 1 Bedroom + Study Condo (Buyer)
I'm very thankful to Kai for the purchase of a condo unit.

I personally approached Kai when I've decided that it is time for me to invest in a 2nd property. After understood my intention of the purchase, Kai worked tirelessly to provide me with the latest market information, short listed a good number of units and explained to me why these units have very good investment potential. He also constantly fine tune the list to ensure it meets my investment objectives.

Kai worked with me together like a team when I finally decided to purchase the condo unit. He displayed professionalism and patient to helped arrange and view all the units together with me, and provided valuable opinions of the investment potential of each viewed unit. When I finally decided on the unit to purchase, Kai went through with me the process and explained very clearly to me on the sales procedures, both from the seller and buyer’s perspectives. I'm most impressed when he told me the seller agreed to my offered price, which I'm very sure Kai had worked really hard, as I clearly know that is the BEST purchase price I can get for the current market.

I'm really grateful for professional services provided by Kai and I'm looking forward to engage his service very soon.

Well done and keep up the great work Kai!!

J Soh

New 2 Bedroom Condo (Buyer)
Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Kai to procure a unit at one of the new Condos.

I had been looking for an agent to help me invest in a property for a couple of years. Kai was introduced by a friend. The first thing that struck my husband and me is that he is very prepared with his research – at the same time, very honest and straight forward when he does not have an answer or the necessary figures.

He is also very responsive and is grounded in the guiding principles of why the client is investing in a property. As a buyer, I too got carried away with looking at different options and not knowing which way to go. However, he was able to revisit the basics and help us to refocus – for us it was to buy a property for rental purposes.

We are very happy with his in-depth knowledge, timely responses and keeping to the guiding reasons for the investment. He doesn’t use flowery language or big words or inundate us with lots of emails or information – he is very direct, and very importantly, able to understand and present what is necessary for our needs, which then helps us to make decisions in a timely fashion.

My husband and I wish him all the best in his career with ERA.

L Pillai


Condo 1 Bedroom (Landlord)
Kai went all the way out and provided professional service beyond his scope of work when I bought my first property. He left a very good impression despite being new some 8-10 years ago and subsequently my sale, rental of new property I engaged him and he again never failed to provide professional advice and services. My family also sold and rented their properties through him which went smoothly, trustworthy agent which is why I only engage him for property related matters.

J Chua

Condo 4 Bedroom (Tenant)
Kai did the extra miles (with a smile) to help me secure a property under a very tight schedule. Highly recommended!

A Suppin

Condo 1 Bedroom (Tenant)
Kai is very good and punctual. When I look at the house, he will introduce the inside of the house, condo facilities and the surrounding environment in detail. He also assisted me to discuss my conditions with the owner. With the help of Kai, we manage to come to an agreement with great happiness. Even after taking over the unit, Kai will still spend time to help me deal with the small problems in the house. In short, thank you very much, without him, I will still be worried about finding a home.

M Zhang

Condo 1 Bedroom (Landlord)
Outstanding service and performance. Very impress on the overall service.

V Devi

HDB 4 Room Flat (Landlord)
Kai has been helpful throughout the period of the flat rental. From day 1, he has been assisting us in many aspects from preparing the house to paper works with the HDB. It is good to have him as our agent.

S L Koh

Condo 1 Bedroom (Landlord)
Kai is efficient and professional in his services. He is very pro-active and is able to help find a tenant within a short period (within 2 weeks for my case). Reliable agent whom you can trust to let him follow up and help process the transaction promptly.

M Choi

HDB 4 Room Flat (Landlord)
My husband and I would like to commend Kai for helping us in renting out our flat, last month.

He had been very patiently helping us sort out the mess left behind by our previous agent, and also checking that the house is in a decent condition before handing over. e.g. He went over and checked the leakage in the toilet prior handing over- it was still leaking even after we thought we had fixed it, and he waited with us for the plumber to arrive. And while waiting, he also took the initiative to help us wipe the table tops once over.

He was also very organised in terms of getting us the information to do the necessary paperwork, in comparison with our previous agent.

I think it’s really great service and he helped lift a burden off our shoulders. Thanks.

S Poh / F Koh

Landed Semi-Detached House (Landlord)
We came to know Kai when we were looking for an agent to get a proper tenant.

Since the time, he is more like our friend, understands our requirement very clearly & helped to get a proper tenant exactly to meet our requirement. Till now, he follows up on the happening so that both tenant & us are happy. He is very honest & consistent which makes him different from other property agent.

Mrs Nara
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