Villa Des Flores up for collective sale

Villa Des Flores up for collective sale

Villa Des Flores, a freehold development sitting along Whitley Road, is being relaunched for collective sale by tender with its asking price of $165 million unchanged from its previous launch in June.
The cost of the 104,370 square feet site for landed housing works out to a land price of $1,581 per square foot. No development charge is payable.

Green Lodge, Chateau Eliza and Thomson View were all sold last month. The Toh Tuck Road located Green Lodge fetched $191.888 million in what is the largest freehold residential collective sale so far this year. Chateau Eliza, a freehold development off Orchard Road was sold for $92.2 million, while Thomson View went for a whopping $590 million, making it fifth largest en bloc sale here.

According to the Master Plan 2008, the site can be developed into 2-storey mixed landed housing: the developer has the option to build detached, semi-detached, terrace housing or a combination of such, either based on conventional housing types or as a cluster housing development.

As a cluster landed project, the site can accommodate about 24 strata bungalows, 48 strata semi-detached or 64 strata terrace houses.
The tender closes on October 23 at 3pm.

Source: Business Times – 2 October 2012